WATCH: In Frightening New Video, Antifa Doxes, Threatens to KILL Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Last week Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler took to video and plead with the community’s help to “unmask” Antifa.

Now the violence group Democrats call an idea, Antifa has doxxed Wheeler, along with terrorizing Portland with over a year of violence and destruction insurrectionist riots despite Joe Biden calling them an idea.

A frightening new terroristic video has now threatened the Mayors home and life.

“Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign,” the video’s narrator says. “If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time, it may just be your own.”

Those last words have Wheeler’s clearly legible address superimposed over them.

Portland’s moronic city council defunded its police department. Crime, homicides especially have skyrocketed in the shattered city.

This is a developing story, and sure doesn’t feel like an idea anymore, does it.

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

Ted YOU’RE A SIMPERING DISGUSTING CRY BABY !!! You had the opportunity to put a screeching halt to all this rioting from the very first day, but YOU stated that they had a right to do these activities. You DIDN’T back up your police !! You told THEM To BACK OFF !!! YOU and YOU alone caused this. YOU and your Pathetic city council members INSULTED your law enforcement personnel !! YOU and your pathetic city counsel INSULTED and Turned you back on the business owners, who asked for your help !! YOU and YOUR Disgusting, Liberal, Sniveling, Whining, Snot… Read more »