WATCH: Ilhan Omar Gets Booed Off Stage While Attending Somali Concert in Minnesota as Crowd Chants ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here!’

Last Saturday evening, radical Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attended a Somali music concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis where she was savagely booed.

Shukri Abdirahman, a conservative Republican who had made a brief bid for Omar’s seat in Minnesota’s fifth district, shared video of the audience booing the current Congresswoman.


“Ilhan Omar’s Booed by nearly 10K Somalis at a sold out, high anticipated Somali music concert at Target Center inMinneapolis!” Abdirahman remarked. “This’s what she gets for trading her Godly, Conservative values for the sinful LGBTQIA’S & the promiscuous abortionists. LET’S GO ILHAN!”

Abdirahman pointed out that the concert was last night and added that “the crowd booed for nearly ten minutes.”

Leftism U acquired video that showed that some members of the crowd shouted epithets at the controversial radical Squad member.

Leftism U reported, “Ilhan Omar got booed onstage at a concert featuring Somali singer Suldaan Seeraar in Minnesota last night. People in the crowd chanted ‘Get Out!’ and shouted ‘Get the F*ck out of here!'”

Although Representative Ilhan Omar claims to be a practicing Muslim, she has radical views on abortion that do not comport with Islam. When Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in late June. Omar issued a statement vehemently disagreeing with the decision.

Abortion is considered a “major sin” (Haram) according to the Qur’an. “And do not kill the soul whom Allah has forbidden except by right,” it states in the book’s chapter Al-Isra’s.

In addition to being out of step with the Somali community’s views on abortion, there are also credible accusations that she committed marriage fraud with her purported brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

There are members of the local Somali community that attest that Omar, a husband she divorced and remarried named Ahmed Hirsi, and Ahmed Elmi shared the same family home in Cedar-Riverside with two children. Omar was accused of having an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett, married at the time to Dr. Beth Mynett, which allegedly caused her to divorce to Hirsi in 2019.

It is obvious that thousands of Somalis do not agree with Ilhan Omar’s radical politics. In the midterm elections, Omar will be opposed by Cicely Davis, a Christian who won the Republican primary in Minnesota’s 5th with 75% of the vote. It will be the ultimate litmus test to see if the Somalis’ dissatisfaction with Omar in the community will translate into votes against her at the ballot box.

We appreciate our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

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