WATCH! Hunter Films GIANT Gator in Georgia Woods From Deer Stand

In one of the most insane videos you’ll see this Christmas Season, a hunter filmed a massive gator wandering through the woods of Georgia while he was deer hunting.

It’s true you never know what you’re going to see while out hunting, sometimes I’ve seen a bear, sometimes even wild turkeys when it’s not turkey season, but a gator is a first for many, including me.

According to Georgia News Outdoors, a Macon County bowhunter got quite a surprise last month when a very large alligator wandered by his deer stand.

Mike Dupree was bowhunting the third week of November when he noticed the huge reptile making its appearance.

Dupree was almost a mile from the Flint River and a retention pond where alligators, including one estimated at 13 feet long, are known to reside.

Dupree says he heard something coming and, anticipating a deer, tightened his grip on his bow. Instead, the large alligator lumped along before lying down in a corn pile.

Before dark, the gator got up, and instead of heading back toward the pond, moved towards Dupree’s truck, making for a nerve wracking walk out of the woods after dark.


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