WATCH! Hilarious Moment as NBC Reporter Says ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chant is Actually ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in Fake News Disaster!

This is one of the funniest moments in history of the Fake News media trying to cover up what’s really happening on live National television. A Nascar driver had just won the race, the crowd is literally chanting “F*** Joe Biden” and the NBC reporter tries to spin it.

As the NASCAR Xfinity Series Race at Talladega concluded. An NBC reporter interviewed the winner of the race, Brandon Brown, about his victory. How it turned out was not what they expected on live National television.

That’s right, the NBC reporter claims “They’re chanting Let’s go Brandon,” in hilarious fashion. No they aren’t, they’re chanting F*** Joe Biden, nice try LOL!

Can you believe that they think you’re that dumb America? Well I mean after all, over 50% of the country fell for the Covid hoax, so who knows right?

Here are some conservatives that are chiming in and having fun with the latest Fake News fiasco.

Who knew this entire time that F*** Joe Biden was actually Let’s go Brandon!

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Harry Ort
Harry Ort
14 days ago

Another happy moment in Dementia Joes life.

David E Gignac
David E Gignac
14 days ago

Makes me wish I wasn’t kicked off twatter but ending with Posobiec was the icing.

13 days ago

“See, Valerie I mean Jill, they really do like me”
“Sure they do, Joe, sure they do.”