WATCH: Hilarious Hot Mic/Video From BLM/Antifa Supporting Reporter ARRESTED in Louisville

This will literally be one of the funniest videos that you watch for the entire week America.

An independent reporter as he claims, and supporter of Black Lives Matter & Antifa Concrete Reporting flew from Seattle to Louisville to film the chaos, as he has over the weeks in Portland, Seattle, and other areas under siege by anarchists in America.

However the beauty of this is he thought that he had shut his broadcast off, and locked his phone down. What you will witness in the last 30 plus minutes or more is unedited, HOT mic/video of him venting, cussing, as well as other BLM/Antifa protesters around him.

Here how they cuss and scream at our police officers, here what they think about them, and of course the hilariousness of watching them be arrested for breaking curfew and breaking the law. Enjoy Below America!


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