WATCH! Graham Drops F BOMB in Barr Hearing (VIDEO)

Senator Lindsey Graham the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee has had enough of the Democrats nonsense and obstruction of Justice. This morning starting off the Barr hearing he went off.

Chairman Lindsey Graham reads a text message from anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, who opened the investigation into the Trump campaign: “Trump is a fucking idiot”

Graham continued as he asked Barr questions about spying on the Trump campaign.

Graham: Do you share my concerns about the FISA warrant process?

AG Barr: Yes.

Graham: Do you share my concerns about the counterintelligence investigation how and why it was opened?

AG Barr: Yes

Graham: “Was there an underlying crime here?”

AG Barr: “No.”

Lindsey Graham: Do you share my concerns that the lack of professionalism in the Clinton e-mail investigation and it’s something we should look at?

AG Barr: Yes

However my favorite take from this morning so far was Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham’s exchange.

Dick Durbin ends a sentence sarcastically by saying “before we view Hillary’s emails again.” Lindsey Graham in beast mode says, “We just might.”

Stay tuned to our LIVE feed and watch the Barr hearing right hear at The DC Patriot!

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