WATCH! Google Whistleblower and Blast.Video Founder Zach Vorhies UNCENSORED and UNFILTERED on The Matt Couch Show Discussing Big Tech Tyranny and Censorship

Google Whistleblower and Blast.Video founder Zach Vorhies sat down with our founder Matt Couch on a recent edition of The Matt Couch Show, and it was explosive!

These two friends discuss anything and everything, and drop bombs on things that most won’t dare talk about in today’s media. The show goes two hours, and it’s phenomenal.

Zach explains how his new platform Blast.Video and how it pulls from conservative influencers, podcasters, and others who are being shadow banned and censored by big tech, and puts them all in one place for everyone to see and watch. It’s an amazing concept that is sure to be a hit.

Are you tired of getting censored by Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook? Zach explains how his new platform will get around those tyrants!

“Right now we have this struggle between abusive capitalism and genocidal communism. But I think the real synthesis of that is going to be a completely different system, which I see coming really rapidly that nobody’s talking about, which is the technocracy.

“We can’t really judge it as a capitalist system or a communist system because those things were invented in the era of paper and pencil. If we’re going to rely on the era of paper and pencil to describe the thing that is coming, we need to adjust our models. What’s coming is not communism and it’s not capitalism… it’s a technocracy.

“What dangerous about it is… the average common person, their economic output is going to go down to zero. I’m not just talking about their labor because of robots, but their intellectual capacity because artificial intelligence is going to come and take it over.”

You can watch the show below, you won’t want to miss it!


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