WATCH: GETTR CEO & Former Trump Adviser Jason Miller One on One with Matt Couch Aug 26

Our own Matt Couch sat down one on one with GETTR CEO and former adviser to President Trump, Jason Miller on Thursday afternoon.

The two discussed a variety of subjects from the tragic bombing in Afghanistan at the Kabul International Airport to GETTR and why it’s poised to be the next big social media site in America.

“These social media folks in Silicon Valley are disconnected completely from reality”

Couch had brought up how the broadcast had went from having over 1,000 watching live and it suddenly dropped to 200 with the snap of a finger, almost like someone had pulled the plug.

“There’s no way that someone is shadow banned,” Miller responded when being asked about the censorship that conservatives face.

Matt asked Jason bout Twitter allowing the Taliban, leaders of Iran, and others to be on their platform while banning President Trump is still banned from the platform. Jason’s response was perfect.

“We have a very clear policy about not allowing terrorists.”

You can watch the full interview below, it’s a phenomenal take on things from foreign policy to social media sites, censorship, shadow banning, terrorism, and more.

When asked about the possibility of President Trump joining the forum, Miller said he’s optimistic. The GETTR CEO also said that last week he had a two hour meeting with President Trump about GETTR and other policy issues.

“I am optimistic that we will be able to get President Trump to join the platform.”


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