WATCH: Gay Rights Activist HAMMERS School Board Looking to Indoctrinate 10-Year-Olds on LGBTQ Sexuality

Mario Presents is a member of the gay rights organization Gays Against [Redacted to Comply with Meta Community Guidelines]. His speech is now going viral after he delivered a passionate address to his local public school board.

The California school district, according to Mario, has been teaching political ideology called “transgenderism” to children under the age of ten without parental consent.

Mario has a niece and nephew at the school district and on behalf of his gay rights organization, the offered his dissent towards this public school policy.

Tuesday night I attended the Conejo Valley School District to discuss their curriculum. A concerned father reached out to @againstgrmrs asking for a voice of reason. I have 2 students in the district in my niece and nephew so I answered the call.

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Teachers are hiding student pronouns from their parents under the guise of gender affirmation. Can you imagine an uproar if schools were evangelizing or baptizing children without parental consent? Isn’t that sort of what you’re doing?

You can bet the liberal teachers and teachers unions, and those running the school board didn’t expect a gay man to come out and say that, right?

So after coming out against the LGBTQ community for grooming, the group has now been banned by PayPal, Venmo, and Google. How Stasi of them to do that to a group trying to blow the whistle on groomers.

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