On Monday, July 11, “Dr.” Jill Biden, Slow Joe’s nasty wife, also known as the First Lady, traveled to one of the most populous Hispanic Communities In America, San Antonio, Texas and gave a speech.  She was obviously trying to lure Hispanics back to the Democratic Party as news comes out that they’re switching to the GOP in massive numbers.

It didn’t go well as she kept saying “Latinx,” to the Latinos, something that polls show almost all Hispanic Americans hate, and that they were “like breakfast tacos,” and that all they are good for is our breakfast tacos and bodegas.

It starts with the fact that she spoke at the LatinX incluXion luncheon. The vast majority of Hispanics reject the term “LatinX.” Yet the Democrats insist on forcing their language doctrine on the Hispanic community. What will come next? LatinX Hispanic Heritage Month?

This pretty much set people off, and was, as usual for her, unbearable, especially as Slow Joe’s presidency gets worse and worse, the economy crumbles, and masses of illegals flood across the border.

You can watch the video below: VIDEO….

After her horrific and ridiculous performance, whether a gaffe or on purpose, it didn’t take two of the Fox News hosts, Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson, long to start tearing her to pieces in hilarious fashion.

Watters led the charge with a hilarious takedown based on her tacos comment, noting that what she actually said really wasn’t all that bad but that she should have known what she was getting herself into, and then going on to give a funny series of suggestions about how she could have avoided criticism.

Watters commented, “As someone who is very agile in navigating the fine lines of ethnic sensitivities, I think it’s okay what she said, it’s just a matter of how she said it. You don’t go to a Columbus Day event and say, ‘You know, you guys are like a bunch of meatballs.’ You know, you can say you like Italian food, right? That is the difference.” 

Watters continued, “Now, as a white Irish Catholic female from the East Coast, she could’ve gone out and said, ‘You know, my ancestors made a lot of contributions to this great country, but food wasn’t one of them.’ Polite applause. And then you say, ‘In your case, you guys made so many contributions, especially in the culinary department. As a matter of fact, in our household, my children like Taco Tuesdays better than Thanksgiving.’ And then you say, ‘And I do explain to them the pilgrims did not eat tacos.’ Polite applause. Probably a lie, but it does not matter.”  

Watters then added, “But the problem is political correctness has made it impossible for whites to pander to ethnic groups now, because they look ridiculous when the do it because they are like, ‘I’m the good white, I’m the good Democrat white.’ You Know, like, ‘I like your music! I like your food! What do you want, do the Macarena? Let’s wear tribal robes and I will kneel with you and I keep hot sauce in my purse.’ You have to be kidding me with that! And the Blacks and Hispanics are like, ‘Can these corny white people shut up and just tell me how they are going to reduce gas prices”‘”

Tucker Carlson didn’t hold back either. He, joking about her limited mental capacity, saying, “Well, the truth is, for along time connecting with the Latinx community has strained every ounce of intellect that Jill Biden has to offer, which is limited.”

Carlson then played a cringe-inducing clip of her attempting to appeal to a collection of Hispanic workers and, after the clip said, “So, Dr. Jill is a moron; Hunter Biden was absolutely right. But is she vindictive, too? That is the outstanding question. Hunter called her a vindictive moron.” 

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