WATCH! Former Trump VP Mike Pence Heckled and Booed at Florida Conference

The majority of conservatives do not believe that Joe Biden received 81 million votes in the 2020 election. Hell, the guy couldn’t fill up 30 circles on a lawn, most people definitely don’t buy that he got 6 million more votes than President Donald J. Trump.

For whatever reason, the clowns holding conferences around America still think that the GOP base wants to hear from Mike Pence, who refused to send ballots back to the states when everyone was screaming fraud, and evidence was rampant. From suitcases pulled out from under tables, to videos of trucks with Riden with Biden stickers picking up ballot boxes around town, it was a disaster. Despite all of that, Pence certified an election that half the country contested, and his base, the majority of them hate him for it.

He was speaking on Friday at a Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, and the crowd would not let him speak, they booed, jeered, and trolled him constantly.

They screamed “traitor” among other choice words at the former Vice President. Where there is smoke there’s fire, and Pence is finding that out the hard way.

Watch Below:

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Diana Guest
Diana Guest
1 year ago

F*ck Pence. That is all.