WATCH: Former Milwaukee Police Chief Slings Truth Bombs Accurate Today in 2014 Police Shooting and Faux Outrage

The former Milwaukee Sheriff Ed Flynn absolutely nailed the faux outrage of groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa in 2014 after an officer involved shooting.

If you haven’t seen this video, it’s earth shattering truth bombs that the media and the left don’t want you to hear. It was recorded by Ashley Luthern of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Flynn’s full statement in the video: “Well, I was on my phone and yes, that’s true. I was following developments with a 5-year-old little girl sitting on her dad’s lap who just got shot in the head by a drive-by shooting. And if some of the people here gave a good goddamn about the victimization of people in this community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously. The greatest racial disparity in the City of Milwaukee is getting shot and killed. Hello. Eighty percent of my homicide victims every year are African-American. Eighty percent of our aggravated assault victims are African-American. Eighty percent of our shooting victims who survive their shooting are African-American.

“Now they know all about the last three people that have been killed by the Milwaukee Police Department over the course of the last several years. There’s not one of them who can name one of the last three homicide victims we’ve had in this city. Now there’s room for everybody to participate in fixing this police department, and I’m not pretending we’re without sin. But this community’s at risk alright, and it’s not because men and women in blue risk their lives protecting it. It’s at risk because we’ve got large numbers of high-capacity, quality firearms in the hands of remorseless criminals who don’t care who they shoot. Now I’m leaving here to go to that scene. And I take it personally, OK?

“We’re going up there and there’s a bunch of cops processing a scene of a dead kid, and they’re the ones who are going to be out there patrolling and stopping suspects that may have guns under the front seats. They’re the ones that are going to take the risks to their lives to try to clean this thing up. We’re responsible for the things we get wrong and we take action. We’ve arrested cops, we’ve fired cops and so on. But the fact is that the people out here — some of them — who had the most to say are absolutely MIA when it comes to the true threats facing this community and it gets a little tiresome when we start getting yelled at for reading the updates of the kid that gets shot. Yeah, you take it personal, OK? Now no offense, but I’m going up there now.”


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