WATCH: Florida Teen’s Song About 1st Amendment Goes Viral Climbing Charts ‘There is a Hunger Out There for This Kind of Music’ [VIDEO INSIDE]

A teen country music sensation has had a song about the first amendment go viral, and it’s climbing the charts as we speak.

Florida teen Colt Jaxon has begun to rival country music star Blake Shelton for one of the most streamed songs in America.

The 16-year-old Jaxon won the 2021 Constituting America nationwide First Amendment- themed songwriting contest with his new song titled, “1A.”

After winning the contest, the organization paid for Jaxon to professional record the song.

“These days the First is under attack. They wanna take our freedoms back … We must preserve this liberty, make petition for the courts to see, so we can keep this republic free … The First Amendment is the one I love. Without you, what would we become?” the lyrics of the song continue.

“Our country would not be where it is today without the First Amendment,”  Jaxon told the Epoch Times.

“The First Amendment is one of the things that keeps it together. We wouldn’t really be free without it,” he added.

He’s young, he’s rogue, and for a 16-year-old to sing about God and Country is rare in this cesspool that America has become.

Jaxon lives on a small cattle ranch close to Tampa, Florida where he is homeschooled. Well that explains, it no wonder he loves America and knows what the first amendment is. Hell, public school kids could care less, and teachers don’t even explain it anymore.

One of Jaxon’s music teachers won a Grammy Award back in 1991, Millie Puente, so he’s got some great mentors.

“I noticed that he had a special gift that needed to be developed,” Puente said about Jaxon.

“Every song he sings, I’m like, ‘That’s a hit, that’s a hit, that’s a hit,’” she said.

Elizabeth Pinkerton, a spokeswoman for Constituting America, said that Jaxon’s hit song was showing people that there is a need for patriotic music in this nation. Pinkerton also said she feels that the contest is showing “founding principles that they aren’t learning in school.”

Thanks to The Epoch Times and the Western Journal for contributing to this article.

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