WATCH: Florida Man Banned From Airline For Wearing Women’s Underwear as Covid Mask

A Florida man has finally put into use what many men have been discussing in lorckerrooms for quite sometime. Yes ladies, President Trump is 100 percent right, we’ve discussed this a lot, because it makes more sense.

The Florida man was booted off a United Airlines flight for wearing women’s underwear as his Covid-19 comfort blanket, also known as a worthless and useless face mask. But wait, there’s more.

He was also reportedly banned from the airline for failing to comply with the federal mask mandate. You know, since the masks are made from the same damn thing as women’s underwear that most people are wearing on their faces. That’s how ridiculous this scamdemic has truly become.

Adam Jenne was a passenger aboard a plane flying between Ft. Lauderdale and Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. However, the flight crew notified Jenne that his “face mask” which was actually red panties, was not compliant with the federal mask mandate that is currently in place until March of 2022.

Jenne argued that his underwear on his face was in compliance with the mask mandate and covered his mouth and nose.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

All passengers on public conveyances (e.g., airplanes, ships*, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, ride-shares) traveling into, within, or out of the United States (including U.S. territories) as well as conveyance operators (e.g., crew, drivers, conductors, and other workers involved in the operation of conveyances), regardless of their vaccination status, are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. Unless otherwise required by the operator, or federal, State, tribal, territorial, or local government, people are not required to wear a mask when located in outdoor areas of a conveyance (if such outdoor areas exist on the conveyance).

“People must wear masks that completely cover the mouth and nose,” the CDC states. “Masks should fit snugly against the sides of the face.”

Jenne was removed from the flight and greeted by the oh so friendly Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He said he was at the gate in the Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport for “about 45 minutes.”

Jenne says that other passengers followed suit by peacefully protesting the mask mandate and taking off their face coverings. Video appears to show other passengers taking off their masks and heading to exit off the plane.

“I think it’s a testament to passengers having had enough, citizens having had enough,” Jenne told WBBH-TV. “This is just nonsense.”

United released a statement of the incident:

“The customer clearly wasn’t in compliance with the federal mask mandate and we appreciate that our team addressed the issue on the ground prior to takeoff, avoiding any potential disruptions [in] the air.”

Jenne told WFTX-TV that he received an email from United informing him that he is banned from using the airline until his case has been reviewed by the Passenger Incident Review Committee.

Jenne said he had worn the thong face mask on previous flights during the pandemic as well.

“Every single flight has been met with different reactions from the flight crew,” Jenne said. “Some with a wild appreciation, others confrontational.”

Jenne railed against the mask mandates, “It’s nonsense, it’s all nonsense. COVID doesn’t know that we’re cruising at altitude. It’s stupid, the whole thing is theater.” 

Jenne was refunded for his flight and was going to try a different airline on Thursday. 

“Hopefully, Spirit Airlines has a better sense of humor tomorrow,” he said.

Coincidentally, in the same week that Jenne was kicked off a flight for a protest against the mask mandates, CEOs of two major airlines also questioned the necessity of masks on flights.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest CEO Gary Kelly both said that they don’t believe masks significantly prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on flights because most planes have HEPA filters

You can watch the full video from Jenne below, it’s phenomenal!


Thanks to our friends at The Blaze for contributing to this article.

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