WATCH: Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council Has Man Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at Meeting

The Draconian tyrants at the Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council had a man arrested at their meeting on Tuesday night after he refused to wear a mask during it.

James William Smith, 40, of Prairie Grove was arrested in connection with criminal trespassing. Yes, that’s right peasants. Don’t do what these elected junior highish City Council members tell you to do, and they’ll use what little power they have to arrest you like the tyrants they are.

Fayetteville which has become one of the most liberal cities in America, and is a liberal cesspool in Northwest Arkansas is sticking to their guns of proving just how liberal they are.

According to Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds, Smith also received a citation for violating the city’s mask ordinance. That a way Chief, way to show him who’s boss and that you have his back by breaking your oath to the constitution to not only arrest him, but cite him for not one, but two moronic violations in one night. Why you might ask? Because the Chief’s liberal Mayor and City Council demanded it so.

Now why would officer break their oath to the United States and Arkansas Constitution you might ask? Well that’s a question that’s been posed the last nearly two years of these insane mandates and lockdowns. They violate human rights, they violate the constitutions. However if good men in law enforcement and around America aren’t going to stand up and say “This is wrong” or “I’m not enforcing that, it’s illegal.” Well guess what America and Fayetteville, Arkansas. You’re screwed!

Smith was wearing scrubs and sat in the front row in the chamber of City Hall with a handful of others without masks, including children the local news writes. Oh my lord, you mean the children that have a 99.999999999% chance of beating the virus with their own natural immunity, those children?

At around 6 p.m., City Clerk Kara Paxton said she was going to leave the room out of concern for her young children at home. Yes, I’m sure those super spreaders in the front row of the council posed an eminent threat to your family. Meanwhile Razorback Stadium was filled with nearly 70,000 people on Saturday, we didn’t see the council talk about this on their agenda, did we? For the love of God, these people are insane America.

Most of the City Council members weren’t even in attendance, they were attending the meeting via Zoom. Of course they were!

City Council member Sloan Scroggin then asked if there were people in the chamber without a mask, and Council member Matthew Petty (You should read this guys rhetoric on his Facebook page), asked why the mandate was not being enforced.

Jordan asked the group if they had a medical condition that would exempt them from wearing a mask. I would have responded with The Arkansas and United States Constitution, but that’s just me. The group did respond from unacceptably high levels of carbon dioxide while wearing a mask. That’s clever, I like that. Jordan then asked the group to leave, because let’s face it, 70,000 people at the Arkansas Football game on Saturday, no problem, no mask. But a handful of people in the front row of a City Council meeting, that’s a huge problem America.

Smith then said he wouldn’t leave unless officers forced the mask mandate. He also asked for a ticket to be arrested. He’s calling their bluff, and more than likely planning to sue the city, which I hope he does. Reynolds drunk with power said Smith would be arrested for criminal trespassing if he refused to leave after Jordan asked.

“This is what we’ve come to,” Smith said while being handcuffed. The others sitting in the same row left willing so they wouldn’t be arrested by the Gestapo.

The Council had an item on the agenda to require city workers to get a weekly Covid test, or provide a voluntary vaccine card to opt out. You know, the 1930’s Germans are so proud Fayetteville, they really are I bet.

The Council passed the resolution with a vote of 6-2, but softened the languages saying they were going to “explore” a policy which would require city employees to get a weekly covid test or opt out with a vaccine card. Well that makes it better, they’re going to look into it for now.

“The mayor is in charge of staff, and that’s state law,” Jordan said. “I want you all to be comfortable, but at the end of the day, I make the call here. I’m going to make the decision because that’s state law. I will get plenty of input.”

Council members Scroggin and Holly Hertzberg voted against the resolution. Scroggin said he had concerns over the logistics of implementing the policy. Hertzberg made a motion to have the city administration poll employees about the policy, but the amendment didn’t get a second from another council member.

Wait a minute, so you mean they won’t poll city workers to get their opinion because they won’t be in favor of getting a weekly Covid test or getting the vaccine? I mean, it’s almost like they won’t poll them because they know they’ll lose? Weird isn’t it?

Lucky for us, you can see the full video of the Tyrannical Council in action below.

We’ll keep you updated on Smith’s case, but one things for sure. Fayetteville has became one of the most liberal and tyrannical cities in America. Now the Chief is even enforcing these mandates, it’s sad.

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Cynthia Gage
Cynthia Gage
1 year ago


1 year ago

I bet the council members fall back is…..We follow the science! Yet science does not actually support wearing masks, the kind most wear in public do absolutely nothing. It has to be a M95 properly fitted and worn only once. It’s disgusting these people.