WATCH: Facebook Insider LEAKS Zuckerberg & FB Execs Admit Facebook Has “Too Much Power”

A new Facebook whistleblower has came forward to Project Veritas with alarming video showing that the company has far too much power for its own good.

Facebook wants to “work … with [Biden] on some of their top priorities”

“Biden already issued a number of exec orders on areas that we as a company really care quite deeply about”

This is alarming considering Facebook did nothing but work to censor President Trump and his administration, but now they are openly admitting to want to work with the Biden administration.

WATCH the Full Video’s below from Project Veritas.

Here’s the FULL VIDEO:

So now you’ve seen the video America, and you now know what we’ve been telling you or years. This isn’t free speech, this is “approved speech..”

What are your thoughts, please comment below, we’d love to hear them!

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John Hetherington
John Hetherington
1 year ago

Dismantle FB and Google and Twitter and Amazon. Freeze their assets and prosecute them and then make MSM liable for the lies they broadcast. CORRUPTION NEEDS STOPPED NOW that holds true for GOVERNMENT too