WATCH! EXCLUSIVE EERIE VIDEO Emerges from Proctor & Gamble Employees Warning Americans That Shortages Are Coming If Vaccine Mandates Aren’t Stopped

In an eerie video that was sent to The DC Patriot, employees of the massive company Proctor and Gamble have put together a video warning Americans that they will see massive shortages if P&G forces them to get the vaccine.

“We are Proctor and Gamble,” the eerie video says.

“You don’t know our names, you don’t know our faces, but there are thousands of us.”

It continues…

“And we work to produce the brand and products you use every single day.”

P&G is a massive conglomerate, with massive companies under their umbrella. The video then shows a list of massive companies like Crest, Pampers, Gillette, Tide, Tampa, Febreeze, and more.

As the video goes on, employees mention that P&G can stop the mandates at any time if they choose to do so based on their own company guidelines.

“Some of us have been working here 30 years, some of us have been here 30 months.”

The video is the first one we’ve seen of its kind where employees of a massive company are telling Americans that it’s up to them how this situation unfolds for Americans and those around the globe.

“It is why we can’t even show our faces in this video for fear of retribution.”

The employees in the video say this is not a choice it is coercion.

“You the consumer may not care about us being attacked. You may not even care if we’re terminated. But know this, you’ll start to care, when our termination begins to effect you personally.”

It continues…

“When shipping speeds slow to a crawl, and you can’t acquire basic necessities, remember you could have stopped it from happening. When the factories in which we work grind to a halt, you will be to blame.”

So what can you do America?

“Reach out to our company and tell them their overreach will not be tolerated. Or do nothing and watch how quickly you are affected. So do the right thing, speak out and make your voice heard to our leadership. Your future depends on it.”

You can watch the full video below.


What are your thoughts America? Comment Below!

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Jeffery Topps
Jeffery Topps
24 days ago

For the umpteenth time, it is ProctEr, not ProctOr. We are Procter and Gamble. They are Proctor Silex. P&G has been around since 1837, plenty of time to spell it right.

Camille Kluge
Camille Kluge
23 days ago

Since when in the USA have we had such tyranny? You should not be forced to be vaccinated from an illness that has several different forms of successful early treatment. And new ones coming out. This is out of control. These brave individuals deserve everyone’s support whether you are vaxxed or not. There will come a time when you will not agree with what the government is forcing on you and it will be too late.