WATCH: Dr. Oz Rushes and Leaps Over Barrier to Help Woman Who Collapsed at His Rally

By now you already know the terrible health that the U.S. Senate opponent of Dr. Oz, John Fetterman is in terrible terrible health.

Medics at the Dr. Oz event wheeled out a woman who appeared to collapse near the stage. OZ rushed in from backstage and stayed with her until the stretcher came, as a good doctor does.

“Rita, God Bless her, is dong well,” Oz said when he later took the stage.

Oz was not a favorite among MAGA conservatives, but he’s slowly but surely winning them over as he already has the endorsement of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, as well as his actions continue to speak loudly how he’s a fighter.

Oz back in 2015 jumped a railing and helped a woman until medic arrived during one of his promotional events. He’s proving he may very well be the real deal.

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