WATCH: Dr. Cordie Williams Releases Powerful Ad in California U.S. Senate Race

Little Cordie Williams has something to say California. This is about all kids being able to play on the playground anytime they want. It’s about parental control for ALL Californians.

Parents should have control of what goes in their “Kids Brains and in their Kid’s Veins!!” Freedom is ESSENTIAL and comes from our CREATOR not Government!!!

Vote for Families and Parents again in California.

VOTE Cordie Williams on June 7th.


God Bless and Semper Fi! Watch Full Video Here: Support Now #Cordie4Senate #USSenate #CampaignAD

Dr. Cordie Williams has been fully endorsed by Matt Couch, The DC Patriot, Jeff Dornik, Freedom First Network, Eric Matheny, Pastor Brian Gibson, Pastor Greg Locke, Pastor Todd Coconato, Dr. Mark Sherwood, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Clay Clarke, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Pastor Dave Scarlett, and countless other conservative influencers.

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