Watch Doctors Freakout When Confronted With The Facts On Childhood Vaccines (VIDEO)

Jenny McCarthy and J.B. Handley expose the truth behind the vaccines that are given to American children everyday.

They went onto an episode of The Doctors, and one of the experts in the crowd triggered the doctors with facts, it was a bizarre moment as the doctors snapped like a Slim Jim.

Handley explains to the doctors on state that they’ve only looked at two vaccines and studied one. Out of the 35 vaccines that our children in America are getting in their lifetime. He also goes on to explain that all of these other countries aren’t using the vaccines we are, and their autism rates are dramatically lower than the United States.

Watch the explosive video below:

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1 year ago

Doc got really agitated when called out for voicing an “expert” medical opinion without any knowledge of the actual evidence/facts.