WATCH: Disney Guest Harasses Gaston, He Immediately Forces Her to Leave

At Disney World you can normally meet lots of characters that you grew up with as a child, it’s a place children love, and even adults have an obsession with. However there is a point where you can cross the line.

Despite these folks playing the characters being actors/actresses, it doesn’t mean that you can not respect them when it comes to touching, etc.

In one video that has now went viral, it shows a Disney Guest harassing Gaston from the Beauty in the Beast movie. Many fans are sharing the video to remind folks to show respect when dealing with characters, and employees in general.

To which you can hear the character playing Gaston saying “Leave, Leave, you’re done. There’s children.”

The video starts by showing the Disney Guest walk up to the Gaston meet and greet in Fantasyland, which was available prior to the ongoing pandemic, and immediately grabbed his chest. Within a split second, Gaston is then seen and heard telling the Guest that her time is done, and she needs to leave. It is clear that Gaston did not feel comfortable in this situation, and so he took action.

Watch below, do you agree she should have been kicked out?

What are your thoughts America? Comment below!

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