WATCH: Disgusting Liberals Protest, Scream, and Interrupt Wedding Senator Krysten Sinema Was Guest of as Crying Mother Pleads With Them to Leave

Liberals have no souls, and they have no respect for anyone. This is one of the most disgusting videos we’ve posted in quite some time here at The DC Patriot.

In the following video, liberal hecklers and protesters found out about a wedding that Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema was a guest at, and decided to protest with vulgarities and signs out side of it.

In the video, you can see a crying and pleading mother “this is my daughters wedding.” Just as they protesters have somewhat agreed to calm down and just protest with their signs until the wedding is over, a very angry female “alleged” veteran walks up and screams “I fought for your F***ing rights to protest” followed by “Go back in their with your millionaire buddies.”

These people are disgusting and vile.

Watch the insanity below.


These people are bullies who need put in check America, enough is enough of the woke lefts disrespect and blatant terrorism. Yes, I called it terrorism. Because all they do is terrorize those they don’t agree with.

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1 year ago

What else would you expect from these scumbags? I also find it amusing that the jackass calling Senator Sinema a
“schill” can’t even spell shill correctly. These are the idiots who want to take our freedoms. Unbelievable.

1 year ago

My jaw drops every time I see democrats act this way. What is wrong with them? Why do they act this way? They’re demonic. Satanic. They are like animals and I just don’t get it. Are they high? Is it something in their water? What are they snorting? Something odd is going on. Normal people don’t act like this no matter how mad they are. They are out of their freaking minds. Actually, they’re dangerous. Something needs to be done about them. Rules, laws, etiquette classes, something. Anything. They don’t act right.