WATCH: Desperate Biden Calls For President Trump To Step Down

Democrat nominee Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Thursday to appear at a town hall hosted by CNN which serves as has campaigns unofficial public relations arm. 

During the event which was moderated by the reptilian Anderson Cooper and held in good old Joe’s hometown of Scranton, the candidate fielded a variety of hand-picked, softball questions and attacked his opponent, President Trump. 

At one point Biden called for Trump to “step down” with just seven weeks before the election, a subtle acknowledgment that it is the only way that he could win fair and square. 

In the absence of a coherent set of policy proposals let alone a coherent candidate, Team Biden and their media lackeys are scrambling to find something that sticks to Trump and it appears as though they have settled on the coronavirus.

Via The Hill, “Biden says Trump should step down over coronavirus response”:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said President Trump should step down over his coronavirus response during a town hall just outside of Scranton, Pa., on Thursday evening. 

“This is all about one thing, the stock market. He doesn’t want to see anything happen,” Biden said, answering a question about how he would get the right messaging out to Americans on how to protect themselves amid the pandemic. 

“It’s all about his reelection. It should be about the American people, and they’re in trouble,” he continued, before citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield’s recent comments urging Americans to wear masks in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

“You’ve got to level with the American people — shoot from the shoulder. There’s not been a time they’ve not been able to step up. The president should step down,” Biden said. 

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Gloria Jean
Gloria Jean
1 year ago

It is Biden who should step down before he falls down and embarrasses himself.