WATCH: Democrat Congresswoman: “Abortion Bans Are White Supremacists Targeting LGBT Americans” Wait, What? (VIDEO)

In case you wondered what Democrats were doing, they’re trying to make up more issues of racism and divide in America, and sometimes it just sounds plain crazy.

Congresswoman Ayana Pressley said that Abortion bans were rooted in White Supremacy. Say what? So stopping you from murdering a baby is now the act of a White Supremacist? They sound terrible? This kind of idiocy in Washington, D.C. must be voted out.

Here’s just a sample of the bag of stupid that Pressley vomited out.

Abortion bans like the one in Texas are rooted in patriarchy & white supremacy.

The House did its job by passing #WHPA last week to codify the right to abortion care for all.

Now, the Senate & White House must act urgently to pass this bill & sign it into law.

Watch the full insane video below:

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