WATCH! Democrat Congressman on Portland Rioters Burning Bibles, “That’s Their Business”

When you hear about Portland Rioters burning bibles in the streets, it probably doesn’t shock you after the way that 2020 has went so far. But what should shock you is the response from a United States Congressman who took an oath on a bible.

When he was asked about the rioters in Portland burning bibles, the long time Democrat Rep. James Clyburn responded with, “that’s their business.”

Then, after we’ve seen months of rioters targeting the federal courthouse in Portland, he asks, “what federal building has been under threat?”

You can watch the full video below of rioters in Portland, Oregon burning bibles. Democrats seem okay with this. Wait a minute, they are okay with it.

“Burning a bible doesn’t do anything about burning down a federal building. I don’t know if I’ve seen — what federal building has been under threat? Who attempted to burn any federal building?” Clyburn asked.

The level of excuses and ignorance from those on the left is at an all time high. They aren’t dumb America, but make no mistake about it, they know what they are doing.

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