WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Says Audits Won’t Work and Mocks Arizona Audit

Dan Crenshaw is a McCain disciple, and literally hates his constituents. He’s proving it every time he opens his mouth, and in this video he was finally BUSTED!

RINO (Republican in Name Only) Dan Crenshaw claims that Trump lost the 2020 election, then proceeds to mock the Maricopa County audit in Arizona.

Arizona Senate candidate Bobby Pitton calls out Crenshaw here and then proceeds to tell explain to him about the stolen election.

“Don’t kid yourself into believing that’s why we lost.”

Pitton: “I have proof, you watch, you’re going to see first hand.”

Crenshaw: “It won’t it won’t, and you’ve gotta flip all five states to make it work,” Crenshaw blasted.

Pitton: “You’ll see.”

Crenshaw: “Five different states, hundreds of thousands of votes, you’re kidding yourself.”

Pitton: “You’re wrong”

Crenshaw: “Look, I’ll say it ugly, is there a lot of voter fraud, yeah there probably is. Enough that Trump won, absolutely not. You’ve got to be kidding yourself.”


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