WATCH: Damning New Video Lays Out Treason Against General Mark Milley

A new damning video puts together the events of General Mark Milley that have been revealed in the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, “Peril,” General Milley committed treason.

Milley reached out to General Li, and assured him that the United States wasn’t going to attack China, but if they ever planned too, he would call ahead and let them know. This is treason of the highest level, and is punishable by death in a normal world.

There are no shortages of domestic terrorists or traitors in America, and you’ll see in this video how the Democrats are already trying to spin that Milley isn’t a traitor, but he 100% is.

WATCH the damning video below:

What are your thoughts America, should Milley be tried for treason?

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1 year ago

We need Tribunals for him and every other person in this administration.