As if you need more evidence that Liz Cheney is delusional and might need her brain checked, here it is, she still thinks she can beat Trump, or at least take him down. Yes, really. Apparently, the RINO from Wyoming who’s only in office because some conservatives still support her warmonger of a father, thinks she can take down Trump.

It’s ridiculous, but also entertaining to watch, as you can do below, watching her appear on leftist TV to rant and rave about how terrible the bad orange man who was more conservative than Reagan is because he’s a fighter rather than a weakling or a quitter.

Cheyne appeared on “CBS Sunday Morning” and you can hear in the video below her slandering Donald Trump. 

“We have too many people now in the Republican Party who are not taking their responsibilities seriously and who have pledged their allegiance and loyalty to Donald Trump. I mean it is fundamentally antithetical. It is contrary to everything conservatives believe, to embrace a personality cult. And yet, that is what so many in my party are doing today,” Cheney exclaimed.

It’s a personality cult, you see, because conservatives saw that Trump was saying what they know to be true and fought for it, and so are fighting for him as Swamp-dwellers like Liz Cheney do their best to slander him. Ridiculous.

But shameless Liz Cheney didn’t stop there. She reiterated her point, saying, “I think that large segments of it have certainly become that.” after host Robert Costa asked “Is the Republican Party a personality cult?”

Still, that wasn’t all. Again, he asked her if it was really a cult, to which she responded by saying, “Yeah. I mean, I think there is absolutely a cult of personality around Donald Trump. And I think that, you know, the majority of Republicans across the country don’t want to see our system unravel. They understand how important it is to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Funny how it’s a cult of personality when it’s Americans supporting Trump, the one Republican in generations to actually stand up for their interests, but not for Conservative Incorporated groups like Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) to still constantly talk about how wonderful they think Reagan was and paste pictures of him.

In any case, Liz then turned to attacking Kevin McCarthy too, saying, when asked why she thinks he has remained close to Trump,  “I think some of it is fear. I think it’s also craven political calculation. I think that he has decided that, you know, the most important thing to him is to attempt to be Speaker of the House. And therefore he is embracing those in our party who are anti-Semitic, he is embracing those in our party who are white nationalists, he is lying about what happened on January 6, and he’s turned his back on the Constitution.”

She’s not only crazy, but a traitor to her party. Perhaps she could read up on the meaning of loyalty before smearing those who are loyal to their champions as members of a cult.

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11 months ago

Cheney is So full of bs!
No trust in her!

Judith Brooks
11 months ago

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11 months ago

Insurrection was over 600 ANTI-FA / BLM riots from the summer of love 2020! NO fires, NO spray paint, NO destroyed priceless art, NO real damage caused by Trump Supporters! A strange respect for velvet ropes! Who was John Sullivan and RAY EPPS? Proud boys and Oath Keepers with no guns! NO GUNS ANY WHERE! So many video clips I have accumulated that have all been removed! I HAVE THEM! How do you have an insurrection WITH NO GUNS? Broken windows caused by men dressed in BDU’s with Flack vests smashed doors caused by John Sullivans cronies does not an… Read more »