WATCH: Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer thrown out and mocked by members of Congress (VIDEO)

Washington, D.C. 

What was displayed today was nothing more than a mockery and a sham by our judicial system once again. The House hearings with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had no interruptions from those on the left of the political aisle. Twitter has been censoring conservatives for months. The likes of Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Matt Gaetz, President Trump among other Conservative law makers have called out the tech giant on it’s shadow banning censorship of conservative influencers.

Our own Matt Couch and his team have been QDF shadow banned for months until Dorsey went to testify before Congress. Now all QDF bans have been lifted as Twitter’s CEO and his constituents didn’t want to have to answer those questions before Congress.

Congressman Billy Long of Missouri made a mockery out of Laura Loomer asking questions, and even started auctioneering over her to drowned out Loomer’s questoins. Long, considered a Conservative represents Missouri’s 7th District in Washington, D.C. It was a pathetic display by a Conservative lawmaker to drown out a fellow conservative saying what everyone else was thinking about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Loomer continues to be feared by those on the left, and the RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) in Washington, D.C.

Loomer fired shots at Congressman Long, and rightfully so below. Loomer stated “You are extremely sexist. Is my free speech auction to you?” Well Congressman Long, is it? Mocking the Free Speech of American’s isn’t something you expect to see from members of our Nation’s Congress.

Loomer on the attack again fired off this tweet toward Long.

I for one know Laura personally, we talk quite often. She’s hard working, dedicated, courageous, and honest. I’ll stand by her side any day of the week and have done so to fight the corruption in Washington, D.C. and beyond. You can follow Laura on Twitter @LauraLoomer and I encourage you all to do so!

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