WATCH: Conservative Influencer Mike Engleman on The Matt Couch Show

Conservative influencer, former school board member, and former USPS postmaster Mike Engleman sat down with Matt Couch of The Matt Couch show to discuss the latest insanity in Joe Biden’s America.

It’s a great show between two great friends just discussing the latest happenings in the highly volatile political landscape in America.

Mike is a true patriot who fights for the truth, and works diligently to report it on his social media accounts on Twitter, Gab, GETTR, among others.

Check out the show below.


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11 months ago

what you two speakers do not understand is that people like Candance Owens and the others you mention have their own callings and their own styles and no one is to be a carbon copy of you and more. they each reach different people you can’t reach and you reach people they can’t. you all have a part to play so yes you were dissing them and we won’t put up with descension in the ranks.

11 months ago

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