WATCH! Conservative Actor Jon Voight HAMMERS Liberal Hypocrites on Lack of Outrage over Hunter Biden’s Racist Remarks in Viral Video

The iconic and conservative actor Jon Voight absolutely obliterated the media and Democrats with his latest video addressing the hypocrisy of Hunter Biden’s racial slurs towards Blacks and Asians.

The text messages from Biden’s laptop include explosive details of not only corruption, but sick sexual images, racial slurs towards Black and Asian Americans, and absolute disgusting S*** show if you will.

All of this is of course okay, because the only purpose was to defeat President Donald J. Trump at all costs.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Hunter’s texts included language denigrating Asian women as “yellow” along with a flippant usage of the “N-word” including one message to his $800 + an hour lawyer that said; “How much money do I owe you, because n***** you better not be charging me Hennessy rates,” according to Biden.

The silence from the same media that repeatedly lied for years that Trump and his family were racists led to a strong response from the Academy Award-winning Voight, who called out the liberal hypocrites in a short address in this video below.

What is this a race, a war what? The left are ok with slurs, it’s ok for Biden’s son to use racist slurs and no one says a word, not the media, no one.” Said Voight.

He continued, “And why? I ask, it’s what we all ask, why? Why was it ok to beat down President Trump with cruel intention against his beautiful family? Why was it ok to constantly harass them for what they, the left accuse them of being racist when Biden’s son is the lowest human being, a poor pity of a man who’s not well, who’s done wrong?”

“My fellow Americans, this world has been turned upside down with negativity from media, from the left, and this is a disgrace. A president of the United States whose son is the lowest form and no one says a word…” He said.

Voight then called out the left; “I will. Because he the force, God almighty has tried to give us all hope. And hope is real, my friends because Trump was the only honest hope the American people had and this was taken away and replaced with a lower frequency than what truly, the American people asked for.” He added; “We must remember the truth and who stood with the American people. We must remember President Trump kept America safe, with dignity class and he made America great.”

“The Biden administration and his son have lowered this nation and we must not allow these left-wing ones to get away with the justification that it’s ok for Biden’s son to be racist while the Trump family were harassed night and day for being loyal children of the 45th president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump.” He said.

Voight then expressed confidence that Trump will run again in 2024 and return to the White House; “We will keep our faith that he will be back, and turn this nation back to the greatest nation, the United States Of America. God bless.”

Voight’s career has spanned six decades, during which he has appeared in such iconic classics as Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, Heat, Runaway Train, Enemy Of The State, and Coming Home, for which he won the Best Actor Oscar for his stunning portrayal of a paraplegic Vietnam vet. He deserves extra credit for having to work alongside “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, an insufferable America hater who canoodled with the enemy during the war.

Voight was honored by President Trump in 2019, being awarded a National Medal Of Arts award in a White House ceremony.

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