WATCH: Confused Joe Says ‘Where Is Everybody?’ as ‘Nervous’ Biden Appears Spaced Out During Bill Signing Ceremony

Last week in an event you probably missed because of the insane liberal media coverage and outrage over the Rittenhouse trial, Joe Biden had yet another “Joe Biden Moment.”

Biden was signing a bill for Tribal Lands, and he appears to yet again lose track of where everyone was and was even unaware and unsure of if he should sign or not sign the bill.

“And now it’s my honor to sign an executive order, and a couple of my friends are going to be coming out here, I’m told, cabinet members,” he said. “But, you know, can we go? Where is everybody? Jill — Jill’s here, the attorney general, we’ve got them all. Everybody’s here. All right, Jill. I don’t know what was going on back there, but I — we’re all here. OK. I was worried you won’t come out. Good to see you. All right.”

Watch the insane clips below, it’s becoming quite sad at this point America.

Here’s just a few more examples of Biden gaffes similar to this one last week.

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