WATCH: Colonel Rob Maness Says Political Brass Has Done ‘Seriously Grave Damage’ to America’s Military

Colonel Rob Maness is a military veteran of over 32 years, a retired Air Force Colonel who’s seen combat, and lead thousands of men. He doesn’t mince words, and he means what he says.

The Chinese military is growing strong while the U.S. military is growing weaker. The Chinese Communist military train their soldiers to kill civilians, without remorse. That’s the nature of the enemy we are dealing with.

Meanwhile the woke folks of Lloyd Austin and General Milley running our military are worried about pronouns and equity. Colonel Maness explains how much damage has been done.

“Well the Chinese Communist Party has made the Department of Defense in the U.S. part of their capture exercise also in addition to all of the other institutions.”

Colonel Maness Continues..

“Milley was famously remarked that he would call his counterpart if President Trump was ever going to attack the Chinese mainland. The real answer is grave damage, seriously grave damage to the United States, because the only thing that matters now since we have weakened ourselves by focusing a little bit, quite a bit too much on the Ukraine situation with Russia is that we have the strength to deter China from its aggression in places like Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.”

“That is going to be a problem in the near future if we continue to weaken ourselves. Our leadership in the military in the senior leadership levels is the most important factor in that, and we are very weak there right now.”

You can watch the segment of Colonel Maness below on Newsmax.


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