WATCH! CNN’s Jake Tapper Defends Trump’s Comments (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when even CNN Anchor Jake Tapper is defending President Trump against Joe Biden’s slanderous campaign.

Biden as many of you know claimed that President Trump made remarks championing racists in Charlottesville in his announcement to run for President.

As you can see from the video Jake Tapper showed on his CNN program, that’s simple just not true.

How bad is it for the Democrats when Jake Tapper of all people is debunking you now?

As reported by The DC Patriot, Biden has even went as far as to hire known Anti White Democratic strategist Symone Sanders for his campaign.

Famed meme maker Carpe Donktum destroys Biden’s narrative with this explosive video below.

So when you know it’s a lie, and you still spread it, what kind of an individual does that make you? Does it make you trustworthy if you start your Presidential bid with a lie?

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3 years ago

CarpeDonktum is a national treasure!

Valerie Gleason (@VAG55) Read this! You will know what kind we are! Make America Great!!