WATCH! CNN’s Don Lemon Triggered Over a Meme, This is Hilarious! (VIDEO)

Yes that’s right America, CNN is again triggered and upset by a “Meme.”

The Trump War Room Posted a Video of President Trump as Thanos from the Avengers Movies, taking out his political opponents.. Don Lemon is hurt by this, really hurt.

“I hate that I have to report this on the news,” Lemon stated.

The Trump War Room who put out the meme, sent out this hilarious Tweet of Don Lemon losing his mind again.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to @DonLemon @CNNTonight @CNN during this incredibly difficult time. Mr. Lemon, we are so sorry this is happening to you.”

Watch the full video below:

Don Lemon and CNN have still not been able to figure out that they are the joke in these videos and memes.

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3 years ago

LMFAO…Don “Fruitcake” Lemon loses his marble over that, imagine how he is going to react when his boyfriend infects him.