WATCH! CNN’s Don Lemon Destroy Jussie Smollett ‘Disgraceful’

I’ve been highly critical of Don Lemon, as has President Trump, Sean Hannity and countless other conservatives around America.

Don Lemon put together a near 10 minute opening monologue last night, where he shared clips of Chicago Police, and victims of gun violence. Lemon dissected and claimed what Smollett did if true is “Disgraceful.”

“There is no disputing this fact, and it is a fact. This whole sordid story takes attention away from real victims. It takes attention away from people who have suffered, people who have died from gun violence in Chicago.”  -Don Lemon

“Exploiting racism is shameful, there’s no excuse for it” Lemon continued.

Lemon talked about how this story takes away from the real victims in Chicago, which are those of gun violence at levels worse than Iraq or Afghanistan.

“Our city has problems, we know that. Problems that effect people of all walks of life, we know that. But to put the spotlight on Chicago that’s egregious and untrue is simply shameful” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Don Lemon even went after those criticizing Chicago police last night.

“The police didn’t pull Smollett over in traffic, they didn’t stop and frisk him, they were called in for his defense. What reason would they have to set him up? They brought the police to him, not the other way around. Read the Bond Proper, take a look at the evidence.”

Again, I’ve been highly critical of Don Lemon, but this was the first time I’ve seen him actually look like a journalist in his career. He put his neck out for Smollett, and he’s pissed off. Perhaps, just maybe it taught Don a little bit of a lesson in humility. Perhaps.

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