WATCH: CNN Panel Looks Glum As Wolf Blitzer Admits The RNC Has Been ‘Well Produced, Very Efficient’

As night 1 of the RNC came to a close, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer told his panel that he believed the RNC has been ‘well produced’ and ‘very efficient’.

“I think it’s fair to say, this first night of the Republican National Convention, whether you agree or disagree. So far, there has been a lot of speakers, it has been sort of well produced, very efficient. They are moving on pretty much on time,’ said the long time CNN host.

His panel of far-left guests didn’t look too pleased to hear him say anything positive about the RNC. In fact, each one of them appeared to be holding back a scowl during his comments.

Watch below:

What are your thoughts on the RNC so far?

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