WATCH! CNN Freaks Out As Trump Approval Rating Hits 56% on Economy (VIDEO)

This is worth the watch. CNN freaking out over their own poll’s approval rating of President Trump’s job on the economy.

“56% of Americans approve of how he’s handing the economy, this is the highest number we’ve ever seen him at in CNN polling.”

Why are they freaked out you might ask?

Because people vote with their wallets my friends. They don’t vote based on how poor they’re doing, they vote on how well they are doing. Americans are doing amazing thanks to the President.

CNN is literally in a tailspin now that the Mueller Report showed no collusion, the New York Times now says the FBI was spying on the Trump Administration, and the Obama Administration knew about it.

Couple that the fact that thanks to President Trump the American economy is on fire, watching liberals right now is literally the epitome of deer in the headlights. It’s great!

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