WATCH: Chris Wallace Stumps Biden Advisor; ‘Your Campaign Didn’t Approve Of Travel Ban Until APRIL”

On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace stumped a Biden advisor on his show when he brought up the fact that the former Vice President never formally supported President Trump’s travel restrictions until months later they were put into place.

“Your campaign didn’t say that Biden approved of the travel resitrciotns until APRIL. Why did it take him so long? And wouldn’t you agree that the President moving so much faster – January 31st to impost travel restrictions – when Biden didn’t formally come out in support of the restrictions on China until April 3rd, that Trump’s actions saved thousands of lives?” Wallace asked.

As you can imagine, the Biden advisor was completely stumped by this.

Watch the exchange below:

The very fact that Biden chose not to take a stance on the travel bans until months later proves that his leadership skills are not where they need to be in order to make tough decisions as commander in chief.

A President needs to take clear, decisive action when faced with difficult circumstances, and that is exactly what Trump did.

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Kristi Ann
2 years ago

Chris Wallace is a Extreme Left-Wing Liberal DemocRAT and so is Biden!!

I am a Very Conservative Christian Republican Patriot in the USA!!

Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

Kristi Ann

2 years ago

Since when did Chris Wallace ask tough questions of a Democrat?