WATCH! Chad Prather UNLOADS in Latest Video on Gubenatorial Campaign Trail About Biden and Texas Politics

Chad Prather is running for the governor of Texas. He’s on the campaign trail working his ass off when he doesn’t have to be, he has a good life. In his latest video, he unloads on fake conservatives, something I’ve been telling folks for almost two years. I couldn’t agree more with this video.

Those that don’t know Chad, are saying he’s running for governor because its’ a publicity stunt. Apparently those people don’t know the Chad Prather that I know who fights for America, has a heart of gold, and would give you the shirt off his back. He’s a true friend, and as real as it gets.

“Apparently the whole political system is the good ole boy network of bought and paid for favors and a minogery of who’s who at the tippy top of the freaking club.”

Prather continues with his epic rant, and he’s 100% right.

“Parent’s can’t parent, they can’t choose their schools, eight year olds can still get their genitals whopped off, lobbyists can funnel in millions of dollars for special interests in a political war chest, we’ve got no idea if our votes are even F’N counting anymore, we got a 50-year-old pudding out-brained career politician in the White House who deserves to be put out to pasture with a blue plate special before he goes to bed at 4 p.m. and a bunch of state politicians that miraculously now have decided it’s time to start sounding conservative because an election year is rolling around.. they call that BULLSHIT folks… In the end it screws the average man. You know the hard working trail blazing man and woman that’s busting their ass working to keep their heads above water, while the executives you elected are headed to another cocktail party to keep themselves in power.. BULLSH*T”

Watch this amazing video from Chad Prather below, and share it far and wide. He’s SPOT ON!

You can support Chad at

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