WATCH: Chad Prather UNLOADS at Town Hall on Greg Abbott in Texas Governor’s Race, THIS is What Fighting for Freedom Sounds Like

Chad Prather is known to be funny, he used to be a Pastor, and he’s a political talk show host on The Blaze TV during the week. One thing he also is, is a serious contender for the Governorship of the Great State of Texas.

Chad was speaking last night and happened to get recorded at a town hall. This is the side of Prather that the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see. He’s educated, he’s smart, he’s witty, and he’s savvy. He’s a challenger and he’s a free thinker. He’s a true Conservative, and they’re scared to death of him.

Watch this amazing speech from Chad from last nights Town Hall in Texas. While Greg Abbott sits on his $60 million war chest, Prather has now been in over 180 towns in Texas in the last 18 months. He’s fighting for Texas, he’s fighting for freedom, and he’s fighting for you.


You can support Chad’s campaign at

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