WATCH! Candace Owens Destroys Democrats Hate Crime Hearings (VIDEO)

The GOP invited Candace Owens to speak at the Democrats “Hate Crime Hearings” and she did not disappoint, destroying the lefts racist narrative.

Candace Owens said that the Hate Crime Hearings are the Democrats start to the 2020 Presidential elections because they are still made that President Trump beat Hillary Clinton. She would be 100% correct.

“Ted Lieu thinks black people are stupid,” Candace Owens stated today on Hate Crime Hearings on Capital Hill. She’s right, Ted Lieu only cares about race baiting. He could care less about hard working Americans. In fact he’s still yet to issue a response to slain officer Singh’s family who was killed by an Illegal Immigrant in his home state of California.

So basically if you’re white and proud of your country, you’re now a racist? Is that truly what the left is saying?

I tried watching this and literally lost brain cells. So to make a long story short, if you’re White, and you love America, you’re a racist. We would love to have you weigh in, in the comment section or on Twitter. You can follow me @RealMattCouch on Twitter.

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