WATCH! Border Patrol Agent Shreds CNN Anchor on Border Crisis (VIDEO)

The mainstream media and the Democrats continue to try to tell the American people that there isn’t a crisis on the southern border.

Listen to Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera explain common sense to CNN’s Jim Sciutto.

“Just in our area alone we saw 9,000 people apprehended, that’s not even counting the hundreds or thousands that are getting away from us because we don’t have the manpower out there.”

-Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera

The Sciutto would then ask “Would closing the port of entry wouldn’t that chase those migrants between the ports of entry, what’s your view?”

Cabrera’s answer was perfect, it’s like these folks don’t even understand basic math, common sense, or have the slightest bit of intelligence.

“I think if people are coming in legally, there coming between the ports of entry is not really an option for them. I think it will do two things. One I think it will get Congress to wake up and get to work.”

-Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera

“We’ve been dealing with this since 2014 and no one has lifted a finger and it’s fallen directly in the laps of the Border Patrol, and we’re struggling down here just to keep things going.”

-Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera

So who do you believe America? Democrats in Congress who lie, lie, and lie again, or do you believe the men and women of our Border Patrol like agent Cabrera who’s begging for help on the southern border?

“If they close those Port’s of Entries, we can use those agents to help us out in the field to get control over what’s going on. It’s so out of hand that you guys wouldn’t believe it if you saw it.”
-Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera

The question now is simple. Do you as Americans believe these people that took an oath to protect you fighting at the southern border daily? Or do you believe the politicians in Washington, D.C?

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