WATCH: BLM Supporters at Arizona State Attack Students Supporting Police Officers (VIDEO)

In an all too familiar scenario in Joe Biden’s America we have yet another example of true racism in this country.

What you are about to witness in this insane video are Black students attacking White and Asian students for supporting police officers. These two students were peacefully sitting down and doing their school work in college. One of the students has a Police Lives Matter sticker on his laptop. That was just too much for this triggered snowflake, who had to show how racist she was by attacking him.

That’s right, because they don’t have time to go to liberal Chicago and actually stand for those Black lives that are actually being murdered day in and day out in Black communities. They’d just rather try to convince you that the police are the only people killing Black people in America.

Which couldn’t be further from the truth when you look at the actual statistics. You know, those pesky things that uneducated folks hate, they’re also known as facts.

Watch the INSANE video below.


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Joseph Edelen
Joseph Edelen
1 year ago

No she didn’t choose to be black but she DID choose to be a racist pig. So glad I wasn’t there or I would probably be in jail now for 2 counts of broken wine bottle rape .