WATCH: ‘BLM’ Member Asks White Woman To Get On Her Knees & Apologize For Her White Privilege

If I told you the race war against white people in America was out of control, you probably wouldn’t argue with me like you did two weeks ago.

We’re seeing Black Lives Matters members all over America trying to force white people of all different walks of life to get down on their knees and apologize for “white privilege.”

I don’t know about you, but I work my ass off daily just to keep the lights on, and I’m not about to apologize to these punks for how I was born.

Watch this woman below shamed into kneeling and apologizing.

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1 year ago

No way would I apologize for being white!!

1 year ago

Hell0 NO. I work hard to have what little I have. I was raised in a violent home, sexually abused every night & some days I remember & by the Grace of God made it thru that & years of addiction. God made us all in his image. Black people excel here just like all colors. They need to get right with God before its too late. They RE not promised tomorrow like everyone else. And Yes #Trump2020