WATCH: BLM Demands That Diners At Restaurant Raise Their Fists For Black Power, Brave Couple Refuses

On Monday, a group of radical-left Black Lives Matter extremists harassed a couple in Washington D.C. who were eating dinner because they refused to raise their fists in support of Black Power.

Anyone who refused to raise their fists was harassed by the far-left crowd with yelling, middle fingers and profanity.

The brave couple at the Washington D.C. restaurant refused to raise their fists in support of Black Power and were immediately berated by the mob. Unlike the brave couple, most of the other people at the restaurant bowed down to the mob and raised their fists in support of the racist movement.


The radical demonstrators were not done there. The group of far-left extremists continued on their voyage and targeted a woman at a different restaurant for not raising her fist. The protesters leaned across the table and screamed in her face. “White silence is violence! White silence is violence! No justice, no peace!”


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