WATCH: BJJ Student Saves Cop and Helps Him Apprehend Angry Suspect

This is one of the best arrest videos I’ve ever seen! The man who intervened trains BJJ and the combination of his technique AND his calm communication with both the officer and suspect is the stuff of legends!

If anyone knows the cop, please let him know we’re gonna sponsor him to attend GST for in person certification or online certification, 100% free.

With the little training officers get, I thought he did quite well. If anyone knows the BJJ legend, please DM me ASAP. I want to gift him The 32 Principles. Most cops appreciate help from civilians during challenging hands-on encounters. But before you intervene, consider the Triple-A protocol:

1. ASSESS the threat to the officer and to yourself. Is your help really needed? Is it even safe for you to intervene?

2 ASK permission to help and identify yourself to the officer. An officer has no way of knowing which team you’re on, so let them know you’re there to help and wait for explicit permission to help.

3. ACKNOWLEDGE the risks of intervention. There are safety risks and there are legal risks. Each jurisdiction has different laws regarding civilian intervention so make sure you know yours.

From this day forward (no past incidents), anyone who adheres to these guidelines who lawfully and safely intervenes, I’d like to reward your efforts with access to The 32 Principles, as long as your intervention is captured on camera OR verified by the officer involved. 🙏🏼

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