WATCH: Bizarre Moment as NFL Star Antonio Brown Rips Off Uniform, Runs Across Field During Game and Leaves

In one of the most bizarre moments of the New Year, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown took off his uniform and ran shirtless parading around the stadium, and no one really knows why.

He tossed his jersey into the stands and ran across the field in during the middle of the Tampa Bay Bucs game with the New York Jets.

As of Monday night, Antonio Brown is still a member of the Tampa Bay Bucs despite coach Bruce Arians telling reporters after the wide receiver’s apparent meltdown that he is “no longer a Buc.”

Arians was asked earlier Monday during his media availability about the logistics of cutting Brown, and he appeared to pass the buck to the front office.

“That’s up to [general manager Jason Licht] and what he wants to do,” Arians said when asked about how the Buccaneers will move on from Brown.

WATCH the insanity unfold below from Sunday:

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