WATCH: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ HAMMERED for TikTok Video With Biden

Bill Nye is catching hell over a TikTok video that he appeared alongside President Joe Biden.

The video is an initiative that Nye, who was famously known as “The Science Guy” in a ’90s children educational program, promoting Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure bill as well as other Democrat legislative proposals.

“Infrastructure is cool!” Nye declared as he is joined by Biden, who is referred to as “Amtrak Joe.” The pair go on to discuss the infrastructure bill as well as the larger climate and economic package to tackle the climate crisis and create jobs. It was not long before Nye was lambasted on Twitter.

“If they’re just letting any guy with a mechanical engineering degree weigh in on the infrastructure debate, my dad’s got some opinions … ” tweeted the president of The Lafayette Company, Ellen Carmichael.

Washington Free Beacon writer Joe Gabriel Simonson meanwhile called the video “insanely demented.”

“This makes me irrationally angry. They’re brainwashing our youth with propaganda disguised as nostalgia,” added a Twitter user

“This is cringe worthy. Who thought that this was a good idea? BTW, EV’s may be efficient but if the US isn’t building any more power plants and batteries themselves are not recyclable, while digging big holes for those battery parts, how is that ecological?” another Twitter user noted.

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