WATCH! Bill Maher UNLOADS on the Left: ‘The Oath of Office I Took Was to Comedy, and If You Do Goofy Sh*t, I’m Going to Make Fun Of You’

Bill Maher unloaded on the radical left this past week, in one of his best opening monologues in his shows history as he continues to hammer the Democrats for their stance on insanity.

“Bush Press Secretaries have went from telling me I need to watch what I say to wondering if I should run for President.” Maher stated in reference to Fox News Dana Perino saying the Democrats should urge him to run for President as a viable choice. Maher was just getting warmed up win his 8 minute destruction of today’s liberals.

“Let’s get this straight, it’s not me who’s changed it’s he left. Who is now made up of a small contingent who’s gone mental, and a large contingent who won’t call them out for it. But I will, which is why I’m a hero on Fox News now days. Which shows just how much liberals have their head up their ass, because if they really thought about it they would have made me a hero on their media. But that can’t happen in this ridiculous new era of mind numbing partisanship where if I keep it real about the nonsense in the Democratic Party it makes me an instant hero to Republicans.”

Maher goes on to hammer free shoplifting in San Francisco, and even gives props to Senator Ted Cruz, you don’t want to miss this obliteration of the left.

“The oath I took was to comedy, and if you do goofy shit, wherever you are in this spectrum, I’m going to make fun of you. And the fact that they are laughing at it shows you that it rings true.”

Maher continued…

“When normal people read that San Francisco has basically legalized shoplifting they think Democrats have gone nuts. They think ‘You know that Ted Cruz guy he seems like a stiff, but at least he believes in shopping with money.”

“It’s not my fault that the part of FDR and JFK is turning into the party of LOL and WTF,” Maher continued the assault.


“California passed a law requiring large retailers to have a non gender toy section. A non gender toy section, isn’t Ken enough?”

Maher has had enough of the radical left, and he’s became a champion for free speech, and the truth. We’re officially fans, keep punching everyone with the truth Bill!

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Sounds good Mr Mather👍👍